Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A Quote from Christ

“Look at the birds of the air; your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Matthew 6:26 

How hard is it for us in our time to remember that we are more valuable than the birds or actually any other living thing. We find our selves low, probably unwanted, unloved, and forgotten, by the vary society we created.
Family, friends, the work place, and even our gatherings to worship the Lord, can make you feel hungry, needing or wanting.
God does feed the Birds of the air, he also takes care of them. God wants to do the same for us. Let him guide you first and for most and all else will follow.
It is so important to know that we as a family come first with the Lord, That alone makes us the most valuable of all.

This wonderful House Sparrow was so busy the other day creating a nest in a bird house that I provided. All day long just going at it. His Mrs. was busy inspecting all his work. I wish at times that I had more time to watch Gods work in Nature. It is always fascinating.


  1. dear sonny..what a nice word to hear before bernie and i are almost going out the door to go to prayer meeting.
    mom golden and i read this together and it was so good that i ticked on the label and we read again the quote of christ where you forgave your neighbour and became good friends!
    this is what i call a miracle!
    thank you so much..i have really missed your quotes from you terry

  2. Thanx ever so much terry, Here is a fun idea and could be great for all those Golden Children in your life.
    Put out strands of coloured yarn out in the shrubs and lawn for the next little while. Pieces maybe a foot long or so. The birds will gather this yarn up and introduce it into the nest. What happens is that it makes for very colourful nests that the children will enjoy. Beside that the nest will look amazing if the birds pick up enough of it.

    Designer nests for Welland, what more could you ask for!!!!!!!

  3. O, maybe introduce the idea to the children of your church as well. Great fun for the seniors as well. Believe it or not I learned this idea at Brooke School all those years ago and I still do it till this day.

  4. Hi Reg, It is fun to watch the birds I have yet to learn all of their names. Thanks for your comment on my blog. The horrible thieving blog has been taken down, I think. I'm feeling much happier about writing something about my garden, now that it won't be copied. I hope.

  5. Good for you Melanie, How disappointing (understated)that must be for your hard work to be stolen.
    I understand that these kinds of Blogs disappear and then come back to do it again under a different name, so I have been told. Keep vilagent. Your Blog is well worth the effort.
    I so enjoy your expertise in the world of gardens and plants. I used to put up all the Latin but I gave up on that. I should do it and probably will when the growing season stats in a few days.
    I could only guess how incredible your gardens would be if you lived in the south of BC or here in the Niagara Region.