Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ruby Tuesday August 08 2010 / Victoria, British Columbia Ruby Tuesday 8 août 2010 / Victoria, Colombie-Britannique

A Ruby Tuesday away from home in Victoria, British Columbia Canada
Un Ruby Tuesday loin de la maison à Victoria, en Colombie-Britannique, Canada

This is the Legislative Building in Victoria, the Capital City of British Columbia
C'est l'édifice du Parlement à Victoria, la capitale de la Colombie-Britannique

The Capitol from the Victoria City Harbour
Le Capitole de la ville de Victoria Harbour
 Our Head of State, and Commander and Chief , Queen Elizabeth II portrait. 
Notre chef de l'Etat et commandant en chef, la reine Elizabeth II portrait
 The Province of British Columbia, Coat of Arms in stain glass, This building has a huge range of stained glass
La province de la Colombie-Britannique, les armoiries de vitraux, ce bâtiment a une vaste gamme de vitraux

Another stained glass, this one is of the original Coat of Arms of British Columbia
Un autre vitrail, celui-ci est d'armoiries originales de la Colombie-Britannique 

The Dome 
Le Dôme 

The legislative Assembly for the Province of British Columbia
L'Assemblée législative de la province de la Colombie-Britannique

The ceiling of the Legislative Assembly. 
Le plafond de l'Assemblée législative.

The Corridor of Power for the Province of British Columbia
Le couloir d'alimentation en électricité de la province de la Colombie-Britannique
 The Flag of British Columbia before Confederation before 1871, also that was the year that Vancouver Island and British Columbia united to be-come one colony and then one province of the Dominion of Canada.
Le drapeau de la Colombie-Britannique avant la Confédération avant 1871, a été également l'année où l'île de Vancouver et la Colombie-Britannique-Unis pour être arrivé une colonie puis une province du Dominion du Canada.

The front entry of the building and a long shot of half of the front face of this beautiful building
L'entrée principale du bâtiment et un coup long de la moitié de la face avant de ce bel édifice

And of course when things get a little hot the back door
Et bien sûr, quand les choses deviennent un peu chaud la porte arrière
I hope you all enjoyed a visit to the British Columbia Legislative Building. Probably one of the nicest of all the great buildings that represent the people.
J'espère que vous tous bénéficié d'une visite à la construction de la Colombie-Britannique législative. Probablement une des plus belles de tous les grands bâtiments qui représentent le peuple.

This where I am staying at the moment. What a fantastic and First Class hotel but wow is it expensive!!!!!
Ce où je suis logé à l'heure actuelle. Qu'est-ce qu'un !!!!! fantastique et hôtel première classe, mais wow c'est cher
It is next door to the Legislative
est à côté de l'édifice législatif


  1. Great shots! Thanks for taking us there! Have a great week ahead of you!

  2. Blessings and prayers,

  3. I got a little ahead of my self as I will only have time to post it to-marrow. I am glad you both enjoyed it. Truly a beautiful city, not just this building.

  4. I had the good fortune to visit BC some time ago - loved its buildings & natural beauty!

    Great shot!


  5. so grand... they're marvelous, historically rich... have a nice time..

    On This Side of Town

  6. My inlaws live in Victoria. Nice shots of the Legislative buildings. Enjoy your time in that part of the province.

  7. I have never seen that building in person but if I ever get back to Victoria I will have to go there!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    Happy RT!

  9. Wow. Beautiful. Thanks for the tour and for your comment on my post today..
    See you again soon.

  10. I have really enjoyed the tour - thank you!
    The building is majestic in every way from the architecture to the stained glass to the painted ceilings and interior details.
    Hope your week is off to a great start.

  11. Beautiful building. The architecture and interiors are awesome.

  12. Melanie, I am sort of a British Columbian in a way. I lived on Vancouver Island twice in my life. First time in Tafino, and the second time in Victoria when I was in the Navy. I have a great love for the island. This building I have to say is a love affair of mine!!!! I adore it as it is so beautiful. I am staying next door at the Empress. What a great place. another work of art but man is it expensive!!! Next week when I am back home I am going on a diet because I will not be able to afford to eat for a month!!!

  13. Reg, I imagine the Empress is pricey! Interesting that you lived in Tofino and even more interesting that you were in the Navy. Now I understand all your military references :)

  14. Those are beautiful legislative buildings! I've visited eastern Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Foundland) but have yet been able to travel to western Canada...hopefully someday I will!

  15. Reg, it was delightful to take this tour of the legislative building. I've been to Victoria so many times, but have not gone inside... I'll have to do it next time I am there; it's gorgeous! And so is the Empress... Lucky you to stay there... and never mind the expense... you'll forget the cheap meals you eat for a month, but you'll never forget this hotel!

  16. Thanks for a grand tour. I agree, this must be one of the most beautiful and impressive legislative buildings ever.
    I double clicked all your pictures. Even more impressive with all the beautiful details.
    You should indeed be proud.

  17. What alovely series. Quite a lot of red to, even if it is just little spots.

  18. Did you take the train to BC? Once, i almost did.

    The coat of arms looks like the Windsor University's. That was where I went in 1975.

  19. it looks beautiful ... my eldest daughter is living in ottawa and i hope to get there to visit sometime soon.
    My Ruby Redness

  20. Wow, what a great post! I really enjoyed the tour. It's a beautiful building, both inside and out, as is the hotel.

  21. My mother grew up in British Columbia, but I haven't visited it very often. Thanks for the virtual tour, I loved it!

  22. I have to admit the red in some of these pics are minimal at best.

  23. I flew here from Hamilton, Ontario on a Westjet plain. Going over the mountains was incredible. As you land in Victoria you go around a mountain fairly low as well which is fascinating to see.

  24. you have flooded my senses with the beauty of it all.
    thank you for taking me far beyond my quiet corner of the world.

  25. What a beautiful building outside and inside !
    And your hotel is not bad either, no wonder that it is expensive. I first thought it was a castle.

  26. Impressive building, the details are wonderful, love those stained glass windows!

    Ruby Tuesday

  27. Hiya Reg,
    What a great post, and with all that red carpet, very Ruby indeed.
    Wish we still had that flag over here in the UK :-( I am not very keen on the red cross on white (St.George)we now have.
    I had a very enjoyable visit to your blog. Thanks.

  28. Beautiful! I loved British Columbia when I was there - it is the only other province that I've visited, the other being Nova Scotia (3 wonderful summers at a girls' camp near Digby). I'd love to see the interior of Canada....

  29. Thanks for the tour, Reg. I've never been in the Parliament Buildings even though I've been to Victoria many times. Lots of beautiful details in the artwork.
    Thanks for the RT visit to mine.

  30. Stephanie, I was actually going to use the word Parliament at least once and I forgot to. I tried to use different terms as to reflect the names used by peoples from around the world to represent their own seats of power.
    Actually it is referred to as the Parliament by British Columbians

  31. Victoria's lovely and how nice for you to be staying at the Empress. I've been in Victoria several times, but never visited Parliament. Thanks for the tour.

  32. OMG! These are absolutely stuning shots! And don't worry about not being able to afford to eat! We'll all get together and send you care packages! Hope your journey is on track! Blessings!

  33. I very much enjoyed this tour of the British Columbia Legislative Building! thanks for sharing. Have you ever heard of a guy called Wop May?

  34. Oh, dear. Hopefully, my comment will process. I've been having a whole lot of blogger problems.

    Pagan Sphinx blog

  35. I see now that I can leave a comment under "anonymous", sorry about that.

    These are so worth enlarging. I had an excellent time checking out all the details in your photos.

    Regarding the painting that is my blog header, it hangs in a near-by musuem in Massachusetts, so I've had many opportunities to get to know it up-close and personal. It is sublime, really. I have seen other paintings by Bougereau and not all of them are exactly to my liking. I love the playfulness in it, even if it does glorify western beauty! The satyr, while not without his faults, seems almost as vulnerable to the secret language of the nymphs. Sorry, I got sort of carried away there. :-)

  36. Thank you for visiting my blog! Beautiful Building, and photos of it! Nice job! If you ever get the chance to go south, Texas is a Great state to visit, and if you make it that far, be sure to see Austin!! :) It's the Capital, and is wonderful! Seeing your photo on the header of your blog actually makes me miss New York a bit. I lived only a few miles from Niagara Falls! Beautiful up there! Have a good day!

  37. aweome collection of photos you have..great photos for ruby

  38. very informative post! thanks for touring me around british columbia

    happy RT!

  39. What a majestic building with spectacular interior! wow.

  40. magnifico! great photos for RT....thanks for sharing...great to be here....:)

    thanks for dropping by btw....have a good one!

    Dias Spot

  41. Thanks for visiting my RT. I recognize all these places! I have relatives in Victoria and have been there many times...not too far from Anacortes! I've never gone inside the Parliament Building though. NIce to see the inside shots. Hope you enjoyed your visit. I love your header shot too! Enjoy the weekend.

  42. Lovely - hope to visit some day!