Monday, 16 August 2010

Ruby Tuesday Aug 17 2010 Still In Victoria British Columbia / Ruby Tuesday 17 août 2010 Still In Victoria en Colombie-Britannique

One more week of Victoria, British Columbia Canada
Une semaine de plus, de Victoria, en Colombie-Britannique Canada

If  "Ruby Tuesday" ever needed a City Hall here it is. This is the Victoria, British Columbia City Hall
Si "Ruby Tuesday" jamais besoin d'un Hôtel de Ville, il est ici. Il s'agit de la Victoria, en Colombie-Britannique Hôtel de Ville

The British Columbia Parliament Buildings at night. I even manged some red for it!!!
La Colombie-Britannique édifices du Parlement pendant la nuit. J'ai même géré sur la base du rouge pour lui!

A small part of the Victoria Harbour, taken from a Condo no less. I am so spoiled!!!!
Une petite partie du port de Victoria, prises à partir d'un condo pas moins. Je suis tellement gâtée!!

 An Orca tourist boat. I did not take this adventure wrong time of year. For the Americans here the "Orca" is a Killer Whale. If I offend I do not mean to, as an American here claims that they did not know that is what we call them.
Un bateau touristique Orca. Je n'ai pas pris cette aventure mauvais moment de l'année. Pour les Américains ici le «Orca» est un épaulard. Si je vous ai offensé, je ne veux pas, comme un Américain prétend ici qu'ils ne savaient pas que c'est ce que nous les appelons.

 A 1890's Mansion in Victoria that is open to the public. My house was built at the same time in Niagara Region but it sure does not look like this. Interestingly it has has all the same styles but not nearly as grand.
Un années 1890 Mansion à Victoria qui est ouvert au public. Ma maison a été construite en même temps dans la région de Niagara, mais elle ne vous regarde pas comme ça. Intéressant, il a a tous les mêmes styles, mais pas aussi grand.

and of course to dine in 1890's grandeur. in a house that is to-day worth 30 million dollars. Not Bad for a retired sailor!!!!! The food was totally authentic to that time.
et bien sûr à dîner en 1890 de grandeur. dans une maison qui est aujourd'hui une valeur de 30 millions de dollars. Pas mal pour un marin à la retraite !!!!! La nourriture était tout à fait authentique à ce moment-là.

 Now this is one every Canadian understands Tim Horton's. It is Canada's number one coffee shop. Believe it or not 76 % of all Canadians buy their take out coffee from these stores 
 Maintenant, c'est l'un comprend tous les Canadiens Tim Horton's. Il est numéro un au Canada café. Croyez-le ou non 76% de tous les Canadiens achètent leur café sortir de ces magasins
Victoria Harbour
Victoria Harbour
 at the Victoria Harbour in front of the Parliament 
au port de Victoria, en face du Parlement

Again the Empress where I stayed. I need food Stamps now!!!!!!
Encore une fois la Empress où je suis resté. J'ai besoin de bons d'alimentation maintenant !!!!!!

A public Garden in Victoria
Un jardin public à Victoria

House Boats in the harbour. None of these are cheap.
Maison de bateaux dans le port. Aucune d'entre elles sont à bas prix

An Orca at the water front. This is much more beautiful to see in person. 
Une Orca au bord de l'eau. C'est beaucoup plus beau à voir en personne.

 Next week I am home again and back to my garden . I hope every one enjoyed a very small tour of Victoria, British Columbia
La semaine prochaine, je suis chez moi à nouveau et revenir à mon jardin. J'espère que tout le monde jouissait d'une très petite tournée de Victoria, en Colombie-Britannique


  1. I'm proud to say I am American and I know what an orca is..No offense taken.
    Is that little green and red house a boat? I want it!
    Great RT photos. Keep em coming.

  2. Hi Reg,
    You've found some wonderful Rubies! I love how you began with 'if Ruby Tuesday needed a City Hall. :) Perfect.
    The Parliment buildings are just as majestic at night as you showed in the daytime.
    I so want that mansion - such wonderful architectural details.
    I imagine the Orca glistens in the sunlight.
    And, we have Tim Horton's here in my hometown. Great donuts to go with the coffee. :)

  3. I've really enjoyed the tour of BC ... you inspired me this week and I added a tour of some tapestries from the state museum. I look forward to seeing next week's post.
    My Ruby Redness

  4. What a wonderful tour of BC this has been - reminding me of my own visit to Canada, the US & Mexico many years ago! (Still got a sore derriere courtesy of Greyhound!)

    Brought back many lovely memories! TFS! You have a really great blog!


  5. Nice photos Reg, lots of happy memories for you, enjoy the rest of your stay in Victoria.

  6. nice photos reg!! i enjoy your entry.. thanks for the tour in victoria..

  7. Melanie, I am back home on Thursday. I love Victoria, What a great city. Now to get over to the B Gardens and that is to-marrow.

  8. Beautiful buildings. The architecture is magnificent.

  9. There is a lot of ruby architecture in BC. The city hall is a favorite, the maple-leaf red of the flag extends to the roof. The mansion is ornate, with the red slate roof wonderful. Tim Horton's is in Connecticut these days, although I haven't yet been. The rubies of Canada are not at all limited to the flag!

  10. What beautiful structures. Great finds for Ruby.

    I played too. Mine are here and here.

  11. Wonderful photos! You've found a lot of red buildings this week.

    Happy RT!

  12. Thanks for the tour. Victoria looks like a beautiful place. That mansion is absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Love the pics! Can I go next time?

  14. What beautiful captures, each one. Orcas, yes, we have them in CA, lovely creatures of the sea.

  15. I have always wanted to visit Canada. Your photos make me want to go there even more.

  16. I am overwhelmed by the diversity and beauty of Victoria and the quality of your pictures.
    I even get to freshen up my French from gymnasium 1966-68. Great! I tried to learn the 121th psalm by heart in French, but now that has become a bit rusty as well.
    Favorites? The harbor of Victoria, the 1890 mansion and the Parliament building by night.
    I'm looking forward to more beauty and more learning.
    (P.S. The Norwegians hardly dare to pronounce the word whale to foreigners.Long story)

  17. Wow, lovely photos! It is a beautiful place. Love to visit there one day if given a chance. I enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Haven't been to Victoria for years! Now I am eager to return! Beautiful tour -- beautiful City -- thanks for sharing.

  19. @Felisol
    I understand about the whales and Norway. We still allow the Inuit (Eskimo)to whale here in Canada also we have the seal hunt. That sure gets the temper going as well for us, with the Europeans and Americans.

  20. Great ruby photos! I love the green houseboat with the red roof!

  21. thanks for the comment.
    your photos are magnificent. keep it up:)

  22. Amazing pics! Love it :)

    Thanks for the greetings and dropping by...

  23. I enjoyed every photos and the text too. Your camera had a "hard time" catching all those great places, buildings o.a. ;-)

  24. I enjoyed the tour very much, thanks for sharing!

  25. I like your humor, Your house, did your family built it,and you owned it from day one, or it came to your family's procession at one stage.

    As for food stamps, you have plenty of flowers that you can have a flower stand and an honesty box outside your house. Then you also have a guided tour to your antique house.

  26. You are making me want to visit Victoria right now!

    WOW! That really IS a red City Hall!

  27. I love, Love, LOVE these Superior Snaps. Bravo!

  28. @Ann, I am so sorry, I did not mean to imply that The mansion here is my home. I live near Niagara Falls, Ontario this is in British Columbia, What I meant to say is that my home was built at the same time as this and it has similar construction but not the grandeur of this incredible house

  29. @ Melissa B thank-you so much

  30. These are lots of beautiful pictures you shared in your blog. thanks

  31. great shots as always Reg. thanks for sharing. The Parliament buildings look awesome!

  32. Thanks for the tour in pictures - I love night shots and the city at night