Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Very early Easter Blooms

Cherry Blossoms



Forsythia and white Violets

Grape Hyacinth


Cherry Blooms and Forsythia at my home



King Alfred Daffodils


Woodland Violets

These are all pictures from March 24th 2012, We had been threw a week of mid 20s o C temps. It was incredible, The one day reached 29 o C. So what did this mean for us... well, a very early bloom season for our spring flowers, probably the earliest ever. So as Easter approaches we will have beautiful spring flowers, for this our most Holy day. However it can be the disaster for our fruit tree crops. many are in bloom including mine, but it is too early and frost just may damage them.


  1. Hi Reg, It's great to see you visiting my blog again!. It's much warmer were you are and amazing that spring has arrived so fast. Your plants look beautiful. There is still snow on the ground at my place. I'm sure spring will arrive right on time in May.

  2. Thanx Melanie, I always loved your site. You inspired me to take a pic of a dandelion, a first for me!!!!!

  3. hello my little sonny sikora!...i was so happy to get your email yesterday and maybe your going back to your posting on your blog will encourage me...what a golden treasure you have found and shared with us here...i have always loved to see the first dandelion, a true sign of spring!

    did i ever thank you for getting ahold of dad golden for me last october...you were a real life saver because i couldn't get him on my cell phone and he is a real worry wart!

    so nice to hear your dear voice again...love terry

  4. Yes Terry you have and so did a couple of your other siblings, any time I can help I will. I have to post that Dandelion. It is a just because. I hope you go back to posting as well o your Blog. For a time I just lost the momentum, I have it back.

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