Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ruby Tuesday September 14 2010 / Ruby Tuesday 14 Septembre 2010

Happy Ruby Tuesday for September 14 2010
Happy Ruby Tuesday pour Septembre 14 2010

Yesterday was a day for flying Ants. Wow, did I have flying Ants. Here are a couple pics.
Hier était une journée pour les fourmis volantes. Wow, je n'ai eu fourmis volantes. Voici des photos de couple.
It truly was an incredible sight to see.
C'était vraiment une vue incroyable à voir.

 After all those Ants, here are a few butterflies to make this RT more appealing
Après toutes ces fourmis, voici quelques papillons pour faire de cette RT plus attrayante

A Morning Cloak Butterfly
Un Papillon Morning Cloak

A Guava Skipper eating plum nector
Un nectar de Guava Skipper prune manger
A Red Admiral Butterfly on a Purple Cone Flower
Un papillon Red Admiral sur une fleur pourpre Cone


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  2. Bu harika sesleri, ama gerçekten bir aşçı büyük değilim!!

  3. I am so happy I know a person who is Turkish Canadian to help me with this!!!!!!

  4. The butterflies are beautiful (more so than those pesky flying ants!)

    Happy RT!

    Nora & Lola:)

  5. Both insects and butterflies are great objects.
    The flying ants are master pieces. All pictures requires great patience. I have so far never been able to shoot a butterfly pic.
    Always interesting stuff both for the eye and the mind at your blog.

  6. I'm glad those ants were not in my yard! :) Great shots of the butterflies.

  7. Lovely butterflies.

  8. Ewwww... I'll stick to the butterflies if you don't mind.

    By the way, Carletta identifed the flowers on my blog as a Strawberry Fields plant (I knew it looked like strawberries!) or more officially a Gomphrena Haageana.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  9. I’m not a fan of ants per se, but these in flight are unique. I do really enjoy the butterflies as these look beautiful. Any color, in flight or just still, are lovely creatures!

  10. i'm glad that these ants are not present in my yard. the butterflies are lovely.

  11. Interesting! I love the butterfly! I am now your follower pls follow me back!

  12. Oh my, those are a lot of ants. Love the butterfly shots.

  13. oh those poor little ants!
    it looks like the fly sticks that they used to use in my childhood..i got a real good licking when i tried to save some of the flies off of those sticks...memories of my childhood..ha!
    the butterflies are just gorgeous.
    sonny are the jack in the pulpits showing their red berries yet?...sure hope that on one of your ruby tuesdays, that you will have some pictures of them!
    i really appreciated that you had those milk weed pictures in a while back..
    take care my boy and behave yourself,eh?
    love terry

  14. Thanks for the butterfly photos.. Those flying ants just creep me out.
    My Ruby Link for you

  15. Shudder! Thank goodness for butterflies! ;-) They're lovely.

    Pagan Sphinx Ruby Tuesday

  16. don't like these flying ants, or any ants. Summer is coming up and we will be getting lots of tiny ants in the house.

  17. Thank-you for all the comments. I am so sorry I did not get to see every ones RT this week. As it was my computer had a melt down on Monday afternoon. and it took till to-day Friday to get it all back in order. Still not working well but at least I have it going

  18. gorgeous shots....priceless! thanks for sharing...glad to be here!

  19. Never saw such flying ants. As my granddaughter would say "CWEEPY"
    Great photos.